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'Pastimes' is a collection of instrumental tracks written and recorded between 2013-2017. Unlike some of my other releases, there was no theme or motive to make this music other than to play and experiment. And because of that, it’s very much an “everything but the kitchen sink” kind of listen to me.

A soup of beats, rock, funk and found sound, with a sprinkling of electronica and a dash of cartoon.

1. King Skirmish
2. Pixel Envy
3. The Hopeless Aurelian
4. Dirty Bomb
5. Newts
6. Yoi
7. Exit Bag
8. 24bit Multimedia Monster
9. Poop
10. Glory Hole
11. The Spirit of Silicone
12. Lack of Sleep
13. Thin Walls
14. Hung
15. The Algorithm (feat. MidiPunk)

Download contains mp3 with high quality artwork. Other formats available from Bandcamp.